Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Hindu necklace (dubbed the "Tutti-Frutti Necklace") made up of 13 briolette cut pendant sapphires totaling 146.90 carats, leaf-shaped 50.80 carat sapphires and a 42.45 carat sapphire on the clasp, smooth sapphire and emerald beads, ribbed and engraved emeralds, and leaf-shaped engraved ruby beads or cabochons, with a platinum mount and marquise cut diamonds, mine cut baguettes and beads. "She actually loved to maintain the vanguard of trend -- whether that was in her house, in her interior decorating, or her clothes or her jewelry.

"She consistently stayed ahead of the fads. It is also been called fruit salad jewelry -- a delightful, profuse organization."

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